XS Sports Nutrition Flyer

Ordering number: 280861
Size: A4 leaflet

    This Flyer features concise information about the three core XS Sports Nutrition products categories – Energize, Refresh and Recharge.


    What It Does For You

    • Introductory information to the new XS Sports Nutrition collection
    • Simple, concise information for easy understanding
    • Bright, Colourful and convenient for ABOs and customers alike
    • A great visual reference for XS Sports Nutrition products and their purpose


    Why You Would Like It

    The XS Sports Nutrition flyer plays an important role as both sales aids and educational guides. Use the information to improve your knowledge about XS Sports Nutrition, introduce customers to the products and leaf the flyer at their homes with your contact details. Improve engagement, drive interest and increase sales with these bold, colourful and effective marketing materials.


    Facts For You

    • This attractive flyer introduces the entire XS Sports Nutrition collection in a way that’s easy to understand
    • It is designed to help increase your sales
    • The product range is divided into three key segments – Energize, Refresh and Recharge

    Key Features

    • Colourful presentation with energetic visuals
    • Simple, concise information with no complex jargon
    • Small, lightweight and ideal for distribution among clients
    • The perfect introduction to the XS Sports Nutrition collection
    • Each pack includes 10 leave-behind flyers.
    • A leaflet has 8 pages.


    How To Use

    Use the flyer to enhance your own knowledge of XS Sports Nutrition, discuss the new collection with your clients or leave at customers’ homes with your contact details. Carry it all times to make the most of every possible sales opportunity.