Darjeeling Tea AMWAY™

Ordering number: 101162
Size: 200g

    This tea is a speciality tea which has been grown, cultivated and processed in the tea gardens of the hilly Darjeeling region in India. When brewed, it has a naturally occurring taste with a light, easily sensed fragrance. Darjeeling tea is widely acknowledged as being one of the finest teas because its flavour is so unique that it cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Darjeeling is known and recognised as a delicate tea with a soft character.

    Single estate tea. Delivers a consistent, high-quality and distinctive, flavoursome taste. Contains individual tea bags, each tagged and enveloped.

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    Use one tea bag per mug or cup and top up with boiling water. Stir and leave to brew for a minute or so, then remove the tea bag. Add lemon, milk and/or sugar to taste.