Protein Bar Caramel Vanilla Flavour NUTRIWAY™Protein Bar Caramel Vanilla Flavour NUTRIWAY™
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Protein Bar Caramel Vanilla Flavour NUTRIWAY™

Order number: 119602| Size: Net weight: 12 x 50 g

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    Do you want to fuel your active lifestyle?

    The NUTRIWAY™ Protein Bar empowers you: with 32% protein, selected B Vitamins, a high fibre and low sugar content – its unique formula of high quality ingredients guarantees a pure and delicious taste!

    •    The Nutriway Protein Bar contains 32% protein. It delivers a complete high protein source which is vital for the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.
    •    Thanks to the carefully selected blend of protein sources, each bar offers an “extended release”, providing both rapid and long-lasting essential amino acid release.
    •    The bar is also high in fibre – one bar provides 50% of the recommended daily amount of fibre. The fibre used is VitaFiberTM. A trademark of BioNeutra North America Inc. Used under license.
    •    Further, the bar is low in sugar. Containing  a sweetener that is derived from an extract from the Stevia plant (steviol glycosides), the bar has no added sugar at all.
    •    Additionally, the NUTRIWAY™ Protein Bar has vitamin B2, B6 and B12 selected to help to reduce tiredness and fatigue whilst vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12 supporting a healthy metabolism.
    •    Available in two yummy flavours: Chocolate topped with delicious cocoa nibs or Caramel Vanilla made with whey crisps. Each bar option is the perfect combination of tasty flavours, doughy softness and just the right amount of crunch.


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    While the Nutriway Protein Bar can be consumed between meals or on-the-go, if you are doing sports, it is best to consume it within one hour of finishing your workout.
    You can enjoy up to two NUTRIWAY™ Protein bars per day as part of a healthy diet.  More than two is not recommended. Protein and fibre should come from a variety of foods to support a healthy diet.

    Suitable for adults and children (over the age of 4):
    •    with an active lifestyle  
    •    who are doing sports
    •    who juggle their career and a busy social life
    •    who are passionate about keeping fit
    •    who appreciate a healthy diet
    •    with busy schedules

    Not suitable for diabetics.          

    Store in a dry, cool place.    

    Tip: On warm sunny days or when you plan to consume the bar on the go, we recommend storing it in the fridge beforehand. In this way it remains nicely chewy.



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