Isotonic Drink Mix - Grapefruit NUTRIWAY™ STRIVE+™ Isotonic Drink Mix - Grapefruit NUTRIWAY™ STRIVE+™
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Isotonic Drink Mix - Grapefruit NUTRIWAY™ STRIVE+™

Order number: 103788| Size: 20 x 30g stick packs

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    A rehydration drink that works out as hard as you do. NUTRIWAY™ STRIVE+™ Drink Mix is an experiential rehydration drink for active people. Potential users Men and women engaged in high-intensity physical activity, people exercising for one hour or more, anyone conscious about their well-being and wants to prevent dehydration, anyone looking for a great alternative to soft drinks.

    Refreshing grapefruit flavour. Offers real hydration for vigorous exercise. Replaces electrolytes, sodium and potassium lost during strenuous activity. Provides a good alternative to soft drinks. Conveniently packaged in small, sample-friendly stick packs. Quick and easy to consume – with a choice of Isotonic or Hypotonic concentrations.

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    Add one stick pack to 400 ml of water for an isotonic drink. Isotonic beverages typically optimise fluid absorption and quickly replace fluids lost throughsweating and supply a boost of carbohydrates for energy to the working muscles, preventing fatigue.
    Use for long or more intense workouts.

    Add one stick pack to 500 ml of water for a hypotonic drink. Hypotonic beverages contain fluid and electrolytes with a lower carbohydrate concentration than isotonic beverages.
    Use for short, less intense workouts. 


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