G&H NOURISH+™ Complexion Bar

Ordering number: 118112
Size: 250g/3 bars

    The long-standing G&H favorite, now updated with the G&H NOURISH+ Blend, is still mild and gentle to skin on face and body

    What It Does For You

    • Skin feels soft, looks healthy
    • Non-drying, non-stripping formula with skin-softening moisturizers leaves skin feeling fresh and conditioned, supple and smooth
    • Maintains skin's natural moisture balance
    • Improves skin complexion

    Why You Would Like It

    G&H NOURISH+ Complexion Bar removes impurities and leaves your skin feeling fresh and conditioned. Thanks to special blend of ingredients it helps maintain your skin's natural moisture balance.

    It's suitable for use by the whole family.*

    * Safe to use with children aged 3 and older (except G&H PROTECT+ Deodorant Spray and Deodorant & Antiperspirant Roll On).

    Facts For You

    • Special break-apart design is flexible to fit your family: everyone gets their own section—or break away one section for use on face, leave the remaining two sections together as a body bar
    • Biodegradable formula is sulfate-free and triclosan-free
    • Dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested

    Key Features

    G&H NOURISH+ Complexion Bar includes enriching formulas with Orange Blossom Honey, Shea Butter and Pumpkin Seed Oil.

    Exclusive blend consists of:

    • Orange Blossom - provides nourishing moisture that hydrates and softens skin
    • Shea Butter - nourishes your skin thanks to containing vitamins A, E and F known to help rebuild skin’s moisture barier
    • Pumpkin Seed Oil - as an antioxidant helps protect your skin against environmental damage

    How To Use

    Wet the bar, then massage in hands to create lather.
    Massage lather over skin. Rinse off.
    Tip: Break away one section for use on face, leave remaining two sections together for use on body.
    For better effect apply G&H NOURISH+ Hand Cream or G&H NOURISH Body Lotion.


    G&H NOURISH+ Complexion Bar containes enriching formulas with Orange Blossom Honey, Shea Butter, Pumpkin Seed Oil which help nourish, comfort, and maintain healthy-looking skin.