Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Holder ARTISTRY™

Ordering number: 112145
Size: 1 ea

    Nothing adds instant polish like a pair of perfectly groomed brows. This firm-tip pencil glides on for smooth application and long-wearing colour, creating a fine, medium or thick line.

    Refills are available in two shades that work with every hair colour; both helping line, fill and define the ideal arch. The EyeBrow Pencil Holder is compatible with the two ARTISTRY EyeBrow Pencil Refills.









    • EyeBrow Pencil Holder includes a groomer to blend and perfect brows
    • Den fasta pennspetsen gör att du kan teckna kontrollerade och precisa fina, medeltjocka eller tjocka streck för att markera och fylla ut ögonbrynen.
    • Behöver aldrig vässas.
    • EyeBrow Pencil Holder inkluderar en borste som du kan borsta brynen och tona ut färgen med.


    • Simply snap your brow shade (sold separately) into the Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Holder, twist, and apply to accentuate your brows with ease.
    • Use the groomer on the opposite end of the holder to blend and perfect brows.