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    Step 1 The bodykey™ Starter Kit First, purchase your bodykey Starter Kit which contains everything you will need at the beginning.

    Step 2: Genetic test Then take a sample of your DNA which can be done easily at home. This sample will be sent to our laboratory for examining.

    Step 3: Set up my plan The next step requires your registration at where you will talk to our experts about your preferences/aversions.

    Step 4: My bodykey Online Coach An important part of the programme is the continuous online support by My bodykey Online Coach through which an international team of psychologists, nutrition experts and fitness experts will guide you, motivate you and support you. Apart from your individual nutrition and workout plan, My bodykey Online Coach provides thousands of delicious recipes, more than 70 easy workout videos and tools for keeping track of your progress.

    Step 5: bodykey products

    Step 6: Food supplements A specially formulated natural fat and carbohydrate reducer is available along with a wide range of NUTRIWAY™ food supplements for reaching your desired weight.

    Step 7: Success Reaching your desired weight is a milestone and you will feel more self-confident and happier. If you do not want to fall back into old habits after reaching your goal, bodykey by NUTRIWAY will help you keeping your optimal weight.

    The weight reducing programme takes your genetic dispositions and your lifestyle into account Scientifically created with the data taken from the genetic test about your metabolism and with your preferences concerning diet and sports Absolutely safe and confidential Online support with instruction and motivation for reaching your desired weight Delicious ready-made meals Automatically recommends matching NUTRIWAY™ food supplements in accordance with deficits which were revealed by „Set up my plan„ Meets guidelines of Nutrilite Health Institute (NHI) for healthy food and loosing weight

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